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My videos aren't uploading. What can I do?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Sometimes a video fails to upload from RealCam3 to our cloud servers, and this can result in the subsequent videos getting held up as well. The team at Reahard & Associates are working to resolve this, but in the meantime we’ve found a workaround that usually puts the uploading process back on track.

Right-click on your RealCam3 desktop icon to reveal the following menu:


Your menu will look slightly different from the one shown above, but at the very bottom you should see “Properties.” Click (left-click) on “Properties” and you should see:


In the bottom third of this screen, toward, the left, click the button that says “Open File Location.” This will reveal the folder RealCam3 system folder:


Double-click the “Scan” folder and you’ll be taken to the folder where your video files reside before they’re uploaded. You may see something like this:


This is indicative of an issue with one – usually the oldest – of your video files. By clicking on “Date Modified” (highlighted above) you can sort your video files by date.

Drag the oldest video file to your desktop. Do this by placing your mouse cursor over the oldest video file in the list, then left-click and keep holding down the left mouse button. Move your mouse out to your desktop area and release the left mouse button. The video file should be removed from the “Scan” folder and now live on your Windows 10 desktop.

This should restart the video uploading process.

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